This site serves not only to offer lessons of how to reclaim your life after PTSDGWI, and MST,  but also a call for change in legislationgovernment policies, the VA system, and military practices  
and procedures that impact the veteran population and their families

ATTENTION: Family members and loved ones of veterans and people that have experienced traumas in life, did you know that more than 22 veterans commit suicide every day

On November 13, 2013 CNN reported this figure that was released by the Department of Veteran Affairs. That's a suicide every 65 minutes, as shocking as the number is, it may actually be higherSuicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for ages 10-24, the 3rd leading cause of death for college-age youth and youth ages 12-18 and the 10th leading cause of death for AmericansEducation, intervention and prevention is dire and necessary in order to see change

​​1. Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with mental illness or  PTSD?
2. Have you or someone you know experienced military sexual trauma or a traumatic life event?
3. Have you or someone you know thought about or tried to commit suicide?

If you have answered yes to any three of these questions then you need to download my free reports in the resource and disorders tabbuy my book and book me as a speaker for your next event or contact me for free nationwide veteran advocate services. 

I'm a part of a nationwide veteran's advocate team. I am more than capable of teaching and inspiring 
others on how to overcome traumatic life experiences.  I can provide insight on how to intervene and support those who struggle with psychological, emotional pain and  inner turmoil. 

I’m a survivor and a overcomer of suicidal thoughts and ideations and my mission is to empower 
others who have experienced multiple traumas in life to be healed, restored and live again. 

My book: Battling the Storm Within

1. Brings awareness to the many issues the veteran population face.
2. Empower others to overcome and live again after experiencing multiple traumas in life. 
3. Provide solutions and resources to those in need of intervention and education

I speak from a place of strength and my strength to not commit suicide has been through the supernatural power of God. I lived 20 years undiagnosed with PTSD. I believed in this scripture Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD,"
plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." I was able to defeat and battle the storm that was within me through endurance thus eventually overcoming  many of life's challenges and difficulties.  

The vicious cycle of suicide can be stopped and eliminated by showing love and care  for those 
who suffertaking action to support those that are afflicted, intercessory prayer and counseling, 
therapeutic  intervention, education and faith in God to strengthen equip and empower you to  
not give up and endure to experience healingrestoration and live a life full of prosperity and
abundance for His Glory

My Dedication is:
 To those who have lost their lives by suicide.
 To those who struggle with thoughts of suicide.
To those who have made a suicide attempt on their lives.
 To those caring for someone who struggles. 
 To those left behind after a death by suicide. 
 To those in recovery, and to all that work tirelessly 
to prevent suicide in our nation 
together we can all make a difference.

  Sincerely yours,

Sgt. Stephanie J. Shannon 
Author- Inspirational Speaker- Veteran Advocate 

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